Trend: make superfoods part of your daily life

Mate, seaweed, kombucha, açai … We hear more and more about superfoods. But who are they? What are their characteristics? What properties do they present for our health? And above all, how to consume them? We tell you all about the superfood trend.

What is a superfood?

First of all, it is important to define what a super food is. A superfood must have specific characteristics in order to be recognized in its category, namely:

  • present significant health benefits,
  • contain a large amount of nutrients and enzymes,
  • be rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals,
  • provide a substantial amount of phytochemicals, in particular phytonutrients, anti-oxidants fighting against cell degeneration, phytoestrogens, natural hormone regulators, detoxifiers, and other cellular regulators blocking the spread of pathologies.

The yerba mate, queen of superfoods

Native to South America, the fame of the yerba mate only precedes its benefits on our health. Its superfood condition is confirmed by its many benefits, namely:

  • its richness in vitamin B, necessary for cell renewal,
  • its high potassium content, supporting the cardiac system,
  • its double stimulating and relaxing action, acting directly on the nervous system,
  • its action on cognitive functions, improving brain concentration,
  • its neuroprotective effect, reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease,
  • its detox property, thanks to its diuretic capacity,
  • its anti-inflammatory benefits, promoting muscle recovery,
  • its moisturizing and nutritive benefits on the skin and hair,
  • its great reputation for emotional balance, promoting sleep and avoiding depression.

Acai, the leading anti-oxidant

It is found as a purple berry, similar to blueberry. It is the number one anti-oxidant superfood. We are talking of course, acai. Consumed by the Amazonian populations since the dawn of time, it is now very popular in Brazil and has made its appearance in the rest of the world thanks to its many beneficial properties on our health, giving it the reputation of a superfood.

Its main properties are as follows:

  • a (very) strong antioxidant power, synonymous with anti-aging,
  • a high energy content, despite its low sugar content,
  • a wealth of minerals and trace elements, much appreciated by athletes,
  • a large content of omega 6 and 9 and fibers, useful for the regulation of cholesterol and intestinal transit.

Other superfoods to remember

Alfalfa, turmeric, Goji berries, moringa, quinoa (anti-oxidants); kombucha for bloating; spirulina for beauty and healing; cranberry and pumpkin seeds for urinary comfort; sea ​​buckthorn, flax, wheat grass or barley for digestion; but also maca for libido … You will understand, for each disease, its superfood remedy.

How to consume superfoods?

The easiest, and arguably the most enjoyable, way is to have them as a smoothie. Add your superfoods to a fruit base in a smoothie mixer, add a little water or almond milk to adjust the texture, and enjoy with a straw in full sun or in front of a fireplace depending on the season, for warm your heart at the same time as you regenerate your cells.

Adrian F.

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