Which Popular Restaurants and Cafés also serve Food for Your Dog?

Not everyone knows that some of the largest restaurant chains also offer treats for your dogs. Many of them place water bowls in front of their business, so that dogs can quench their thirst, but some go one step further, by offering food for your furry friend. Let’s look at what these offerings are.

All Kinds of Treats

Although you probably won’t find tuna fish for your dog in the various restaurants below, you will find treats that are sure to please them. Some of them might not be offered in all locations, so check with the one near you. You’ll need to find a restaurant with an outdoor area, since dogs still can’t eat inside, due to Health Department laws.


Starbucks is one of the best-known coffee shops around the world. Some people cannot go without their daily dose from the Seattle-based brand. It is quite possible that if they start treating their dogs to “Puppuccinos”, the canines will also want their daily dose. Of course, it does not contain coffee, which you should never serve your dog. It consists of whipped cream served in a small cup. But you will have to ask for it by name, since it is a Starbucks secret.


To stay with the sweets for your dog, you can also choose to go to Sprinkles, where they will serve him a “Pupcake.” Don’t worry, as they use the best ingredients for your dog: egg whites, sugar substitute and yogurt frosting. And if you forget that you have read this article, it won’t be an issue since you will be reminded of them on the menu!

Dairy Queen

Our last sweet treat is worth mentioning since it will be served “free of charge” to your dog. Yes, you have read correctly: Free. It might be why they don’t advertise it and you have never heard about it. However, if you ask for it by name, which is the “Pup Cup”, they will present your dog with one free scoop of ice cream.


Maybe you and your dog are hungrier for more than just a sweet treat. Then you can head to In-N-Out where you can enjoy a great burger, while your dog will devour a “Pup Patty.” There is no seasoning on the hamburger patty, and they will serve it to you… in a doggy bag, of course! You won’t find it on the menu so ask for it by name.

As you can see, there are many places where your dog can also get his share of food. However, most of the time, these items are not on the menu. So, the next time you go to a restaurant, and you want to bring back something for your furry friend, just ask!


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