How to make a perfect meat loaf at home

From undercooking the meat, to setting your kitchen on fire, making the perfect meat loaf can be tough at first. But with a little guidance, you can become a master at making your own meat loaf all from the comfort of your house. But before you begin your journey, there are a few things to consider.

Choose the right cut of meat

When grocery shopping, there are a few things to look out for when selecting your meat. You should pay attention to its color and smell. Of course, the color to look out for also depends on the type of meat you intend to buy; fresh red meat should be dark in color, while pork should be a bright, blushing pink.

Set up your chiminea

Chiminea cooking is the perfect way to cook meat outdoors. Initially used to bake bread in the 17th century, it has now been adopted to make different types of food-including meat! Set up your chiminea, making sure it’s firmly placed on the ground away from flammable materials.

Make sure your utensils and spices are in close reach

Your cooking utensils like your tenderizer, tongs, baking gloves, etc and your spices should be placed close to the cooking area. This will allow you concentrate on preparing the meat, and limit the amount of cooking accidents that can happen

After you have followed the steps above, you can then move on to the main part- cooking the meat. Here are some tips to keep on mind

Season your meat properly

Half of the work involved in making a good meat loaf depends on how you spice your meat. You should tenderize the meat, as it would allow the spices to seep deeply into the meat. A good spice rub involves salt, pepper, and some olive oil. You can adjust the quantities (or add other ingredients like paprika) based on your preference. It’s best to allow the meat marinate in the spices for a period of time.

Fire up your chiminea

After setting up your chiminea, allow it heat up for some seconds before adding your seasoned meat to it’s furnance . Make sure you watch it closely, as it cooks food faster than an oven. When your meat is cooked to your taste, bring it out from the furnace and plate.

Serve with vegetables

Spice up your meat loaf with some vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, leafy greens, and so much more! You can serve a side of grilled potatoes rubbed in some salt and paprika, or wrap it in some cabbage leaves.

Follow the tips above, and you are guaranteed a meat loaf that will be the belle of the ball.


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