New Year Dinner: The Perfect Moment to open a Bottle of Pomerol

New Year is a unique moment of celebration. As we say goodbye to another year and welcome a new one, it is a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and what we expect from our future. Sitting around the dinner table, with friends and family, we share our thoughts, our hopes, and our greatest accomplishments. These are some of the warmest memories we will fondly look back on later on in our lives, which is why the food and wine you will be serving are of outmost importance.

Planning the New Year Dinner

When we think of the Holiday Season, we are reminded of winter, with its short days, snow and the joy of being inside the house. That is where we can warm ourselves, sharing time with our friends and family. The New Year dinner, unlike Christmas, calls for a more formal affair, as you usually host friends, having already spent time with the family, on December 24th and 25th. That is why you should leave the turkey dinner behind and prepare a more sophisticated meal. Start with a warm, home-made vegetables soup, then move on to the main dish with red meat, which you will render even tastier, thanks to the depth of a Pomerol wine from the Bordeaux region (France). And for dessert, please everyone by serving a beautiful plate of fresh fruits.

In order to select the right bottle of Pomerol wine, for you and your guests, find an online specialist that can guide you, according to your choice of meat and the way you intend to cook it. There are many advantages when choosing a wine specialist online, instead of going to the local store. In this case, reaching out to an e-boutique, like Millesima, will enable you to contact French wine experts, located in the region. There is no better way to be assured of the quality of a bottle than acquiring it from the people living where the grapes are cultivated.

Before and After Dinner

To remain in the spirit of your main meal, instead of chips, and other snacks before dinner, offer your guests a selection of French cheeses. If you are afraid they won’t appreciate strong flavoured cheese, choose brie and camembert. Add a slice of tome for those who like to indulge in something with a little more bite. Serve it with a slightly oaked French Chardonnay; your guests will be delighted.

Although many at the table will already have celebrated New Year’s Eve with champagne, it is still a great way to end the meal, as you serve dessert. Again, the specialists at Millesima will help you choose the right one, to accompany the fruit selection you will be serving.

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