What are the best Strawberry Wines in 2021?

Have you ever had the chance to try a strawberry wine? If not, know that wines made with strawberries are getting very popular lately. In fact, they are so popular that we prepared this full list of our favorite strawberry wines in 2021!

Can you ferment strawberries?

Yes, the process of making strawberry wine is fairly simple. It starts by picking fresh fruits (strawberries in this case) in the fields. Then, a fermentation process is put in motion to create foam and bacteria, which will break down the molecules of the strawberries fruit juice.

In other words, the fruits will be rotting for a few months. Once the foaming is done, the delicious juice will be put in bottles and stored for a few more months. Furthermore, the fermentation of fruits is also used for making kombucha, beer, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Top 8 Most Amazing Strawberry Wines in 2021

Ready to explore some new aromas and flavors with your next meal? To help you choose your next bottle of wine, here are the best strawberry wines in 2021:

Chateau La Pointe Pomerol 2016

Let’s begin our list with this strawberry Bordeaux wine, which offers a sweet bouquet of strawberries and raspberries that will certainly catch your attention as soon as you smell its aroma. The Chateau La Pointe is a bit more on the expensive side of things, as it will cost you $64.99 for one bottle, but it is so worth it! With a concentrated style containing an ABV of 14%, you are in for a savory ride across La France and its vineyards.

Il Duva Rosa Imperiale

This little classic Italian wine comes straight from the region of Piedmont, which is famous for its vineyards. This mix of Brachetto grapes and strawberries is what sets apart this delicate and flavorful strawberry wine. If you were looking for something to go well with your cheese and bread, then the II Duva Rosa Imperiale will be your best friend.

Hinnant Strawberry

In the second position, what we have here is a sweet juicy wine made entirely from fresh handpicked strawberries in the North Carolina region. If you like your wine sweet, then a bottle of Hinnant Strawberry wine will certainly do the trick! Moreover, the latter goes well with cheese and crackers and must be kept either cold or at room temperature.

Arbor Mist Strawberry White Zinfandel

The White Zinfandel is a rosé that intrigues and brings curiosity with its palate. Arbor Mist surely took another risk with this mixture between strawberries and white zinfandel grapes, and we don’t really know how they did it, but it works! This affordable alcoholic drink will go well with fish and meat.

Arbor Mist Mango Strawberry Moscato

Looking for something cheap but still enjoyable? A bottle of Arbor Mist Mango Strawberry Moscato will set you back about $7. But don’t let this low price deceive you, this delicious New York concoction using mangos and strawberries will give you a refreshing and unique taste in your mouth. In the same series, Arbor Mist also offers a version that replaces the mango flavor with pineapples, if you don’t fancy mangos that much.

Sorbello Strawberry Moscato

For our 6th position, we thought it would be good to try another popular Italian wine, the Sorbello Strawberry Moscato. This sweet and soft sparkling Moscato will be the perfect companion during a sunny morning. Just pop the cork, keep a glass full with your breakfast, and there won’t be a better morning than this one, trust us! Basically, the Sorbello is the perfect morning cocktail, but it can also serve as an evening cocktail as well.

Stella Fiore Brachetto

As we mentioned a bit earlier, Piedmont is a famous region for its wines, and the Stella Fiore Brachetto is a testament to that fact. Affordable, delicious, vibrant, this mix of wild berries and strawberries is coupled with a perfect amount of bubbles. A very fun sparkling red wine that will definitely put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno

From the Marches region in Italy, this red wine presents a silky texture from black cherries and strawberries, mixed with spices and herbs. Its price is about $22 give or take, and will go well with a fancy meal, such as veal marsala.

Can you make Strawberry Wine at home?

Yes, you can easily make your very own home-made strawberry wine, but you will need a couple of things to get this project on the move:

  • (optional) 2 teaspoons of wine yeast
  • An earthenware crock
  • 2 gallons of boiling water
  • 5 pounds of sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • 7 pounds of strawberries

Here’s our complete guide to making homemade strawberry wine:

  1. First, wash the strawberries.
  2. Remove all the green stems on the strawberries.
  3. In an earthenware crock, mash the strawberries.
  4. Pour boiling water to cover all the fruits.
  5. Squeeze some lemon juice to your liking.
  6. Thereafter, you will stir for 2 minutes.
  7. Now, make sure the temperature of your strawberries is around 85 F. Add 2 teaspoons of wine yeast and mix.
  8. Cover the crock with a clean linen cloth and let it rest in a cool place.
  9. For a full week, you will need to stir the mashed strawberries once a day.
  10. 7 days later, pour the crock’s liquid into many 1-gallon glass wine bottles. It is important to make sure that the corks are a bit loose.
  11. For 3 months, leave the bottles in a cool room without any sunlight.
  12. To finish, there shouldn’t be any foaming nor bubbling anymore. Poor the content of the wine bottles in new clean bottles and those rest for a couple of months. We recommend waiting at least a year before drinking.

Are you going to try this strawberry wine recipe? You can also add other fruits, sky is the limit! On the other hand, if you don’t want to break your head over it, we invite you to try one of our top 8 favorite strawberry wines, you won’t regret it!

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