How to make Starbucks iced green tea?

Starbucks has been a popular and well-known coffee shop in many countries. The latter has more than 30,000 branches around the world. Even though the drinks might be a bit pricey when compared with other coffee shops, their customers stay loyal due to their delicious drinks and their outstanding service. One of the most popular drinks of Starbucks is iced green tea. That said, what if you wanted to make one at home? No worries, we gathered all the ingredients and the recipe for you in this article.

Why is Starbucks so popular?

Before making a delicious ice green tea, let’s learn a bit more about how Starbucks has become so popular. This coffee brand is not only famous for its coffee drinks but also the environment within the coffee shop. Thanks to their awesome establishment ambiance, they succeeded in giving customers a new experience of the normal coffee shop. The company’s main goal is to design and develop its locations in order to make them feel like a crossover between a coffee shop and a workplace. And it doesn’t stop there, as the colors, music, and even the napkins are all fitting together in a very nice way.

Moreover, Starbucks was one of the first coffee shops that provided plugs for phones and laptops to their customers. In conclusion, all it takes is a good vibe, nice music, and delicious drinks and there you have it, the Starbucks recipe for success!

What’s the famous iced green tea Starbucks recipe?

Ready to make your very own Starbucks Iced Green tea at home? Read on because we are going to share with you their delicious recipe down below:

  • A one-gallon pitcher
  • 8 green tea bags from Tazo
  • 14 cups of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 1 cup of organic honey
  • Big pot

Step one

The first thing you need to know is that the original recipe uses Teavana Jade Citrus Mint tea, so if you want to be 100% accurate, then you’ll need to find this tea. However, you can find an equivalent in your nearby tea shop, it’ll work as well. Now, start with boiling 4 cups of water in a pot.

Step two

Once it is boiling, put the tea bags in the pot, leave them for 15 minutes. Thereafter, you will see how concentrated it is when the liquid is starting to turn into a dark green color. Next, take the teabag out and put the tea water in a pitcher.

Step three

Add some organic honey and sugar then whisk everything with a spoon. Ideally, keep mixing it until the sugar and honey fully dissolve in the water.

Step four

Let your green tea sit in the fridge for 2 hours and then it will be ready to be tasted.

Step five

Now that you’re ready to serve some to your friends and family, put some ice in a long glass cup, pour in the green iced tea then add a little lemon squeeze (optional). Now, you can enjoy drinking or sharing your homemade iced green tea with your loved ones!

What is the benefit of green tea?

First, making tea at home will help you save lots of money! But also, green tea has many health benefits. Indeed, green tea can help you out with your skin repair, weight loss, and heart disease. In fact, according to the International Institute of Sustainable Development, it is claimed that in China, people have been using green tea as a traditional medication for many years.

Moreover, Cancer Research UK suggested that green tea may have the ability to decrease the risk of some cancers. Though the proof is not strong enough to be absolute, many cancer patients constantly drink green tea.

Secret drinks at Starbucks

As a little bonus, if you never went to Starbucks before, here are some secret drinks people often order! They are secrets because in some branches the drinks are not on the menu (but they are oh so yummy!). Let’s take a look at these secret drinks, shall we?

  1. Cotton Candy Frappuccino: It is a pink sweet drink with a perfect combination of vanilla and raspberry.
  2. Extra Green Tea Frappuccino with Java Chip: This drink has been so popular that people share its recipe online. The extra green tea drink is full of many toppings such as java chips, coffee jellies, whip cream, chocolate sauce, green tea on top, and caramel syrup. Also, it is recommended to order a grand size for double deliciousness.
  3. Double layers: It is the premium mixed drink between tea and coffee. The drink is remarkable with 2 colors and a nice smell from TEAVANA tea blended with a strong espresso. Besides, they put the coffee jellies into that drink as well!

There you go, now you know how to make a perfect iced green tea just like the one at Starbucks. And since green tea provides lots of health benefits, it is just one more reason to make yourself one at home.

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