Home Made Organic Snacks for the Whole Family

Also known as tea time in the UK, or “4-heures” in France, snack time is associated to a moment of relaxation. They are minutes that we spend time away from whatever we are doing, in order to gain back some energy to complete our day. Sports players may go for sugary food, to get energy high, but snacking should not mean junk food. Otherwise, it will only make you heavy and flat, instead of energized. With organic snacks, you’ll get back to life and enjoy it fully.

A Large Variety

It is not difficult to prepare healthy snacks for you and the kids. And if you think they won’t enjoy their snack, if it isn’t any sugary food, empty of vitamins, think again. Contrary to adults, set in their ways, kids like to be surprised. If you prepare them something tasty and refreshing, they will certainly come to you, asking for more. And if there is something they did not like, don’t worry; the list below is long enough for you to switch and never go back to that particular one. Here is a list of some of the most popular organic snacks, you can prepare for the whole family.

Apple Nachos

This will become a favourite of the whole family. Replace the nachos fatty chips by thin slices of apples. To enhance their taste, you can dip them into organic nut pieces, peanut butter or chocolate chips.

Apple and Banana Chips

Chips are a favourite snack all over the world, but it is also quite unhealthy. However, there is a way to get that crispy taste without eating the great amount of fat they normally contain. Making apple and banana chips is simple, and it will replace perfectly regular chips your kids can’t get enough of.


You can buy already prepared bags of granola at the store, but if you do, check the ingredients first, to make sure there isn’t too much added sugar to the product. Otherwise, prepare it yourself at home, by choosing your own ingredients. This organic snack will be an energy booster, full of nutrients.


Yes, popcorn can be a very healthy snack, as long as you don’t exaggerate on the quantity of salt and butter you put on it. If you can stay away from butter entirely, that would be even better. However, you can also use organic butter to make it better.

Avocado Tzatziki Dip

Cut some fresh vegetables and make chips with pita bread to prepare for this wonderful tzatziki dip. Made with avocados, organic Greek yogurt, fresh cilantro and lime juice, it is the perfect snack on a warm summer day. Make sure to prepare extra portions, as everyone will ask for more.


Parfaits means perfect, in French, and that is exactly what they are. Kids will love to help you prepare them, as you all sit around the table, and they put their favourite toppings on theirs. The probiotics and proteins inside them is just what everyone needs from an organic, healthy snack.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This American favourite can be considered junk food if you prepare it with a jelly made with artificial sugar. However, if you use organic grape jelly and all-natural peanut butter, you find yourself with a great snack for everyone. Add a sliced banana inside the sandwich for more nutrients.

Shortbread Cookies

Again, for these cookies to be healthy, you need to use a recipe that is good for your body, to start with. Try a dairy-free cookie recipe of vegan tea-infused shortbread cookies. They are made using organic black tea leaves, sugar, flour, and vegan buttery spread. Don’t tell the kids what they are made of, and watch them devour them!

Grilled Greek Pizza and Roasted Garlic Hummus

All food can be healthy; even pizza. It only depends on which ingredients you use to prepare them. For this Greek pizza, you will need kalamata olives, red bell peppers, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and a bunch of fresh veggies (of your choice). The roasted garlic hummus will give it an exquisite and unique taste, and everyone will be happily surprised by it.


Pickles are fun to eat. However, they usually take a long time to make. But there are 24-hours recipes that can turn organic cucumbers into crunchy pickles. You can add this to another snack on the list, if you feel like pickles aren’t enough to eat by themselves.

To Drink

Fruit Smoothies

What is better than an ice-cold smoothie during warm weather days? Use fresh organic fruits and create all kinds of mixes. Try orange, bananas and pears and add organic vanilla yogurt to it: Delicious! And also very healthy…

Organic Almond Milk

Finally, this is a drink that will match perfectly with all the organic snacks you can prepare. It is non-dairy, so lactose intolerant persons can drink it without any problem.


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