The Ultimate Beach Party: Snack Ideas

Whether you can actually have it on a beach or simply by a pool, a beach party is always a great idea. Even in the middle of winter, as snow is filling up the streets. You can ask everyone to bring their bathing suits and celebrate the warm weather days. If you have a sauna or a whirl bath, it will be even better. Just make sure to keep the thermostat on high! Here are a few ideas of snacks to keep the party going.

Be True to the Theme

Before you go out to buy all the things you need for the beach party, make a list. You’ll need to stop at a store where you can buy decorations to create the atmosphere. Look for little umbrellas for the cocktails and buy a few beach balls that can be thrown around. Keep the tones in pastel colours and if you are inside the house, use bright lights to recreate the sun.

Once you have that down, head to the supermarket with your list of ingredients. For drinks, be sure to buy a large pack of ice, to keep the glasses filled with it, as a reminder of the warm weather. Buy various syrups, so that you can add them to sparkling water or alcohol, bringing summer colours to the various drinks you will serve. For adults, make sure to bring home “cerveza” (beer) that you will keep ice cold.

What Snacks to Eat at a Beach Party?

The summer weather calls for light snacks. Heavy food, when it is +30 degrees, is not recommended, so make sure that the food is adapted accordingly. Keep bowls of chips, peanuts and pretzels all around the place, so people can find little snacks where they are sitting. Try to refill them as the day or evening goes along.

Flip Flop Sandwiches

Sandwiches are everyone’s favourite. You can fill them with anything you want from cooked ham to jelly and peanut butter. Just remember to keep them as light as possible, as this is a snack and not a meal. To get them to match your theme, you should cut them out in the shape of flip-flops. To complete the look of our favourite summer shoes, you just need to make straps by using the vegetable of your choice.

Stuffed Vegetable Boats

Summer is also the perfect time to eat fresh vegetables. As a rule: If you can eat healthy snacks, it is always better for you and your friends. Also, some of your guests might be vegetarians, so these little vegetable boats will certainly be popular. To make them, you simply need to use one vegetable that you empty (like a zucchini) or one that already has the shape of a boat (peppers will do great). You fill them up with a dip, spread or a vegetable mix you prepared yourself. In the end, you can use carrots to recreate the shape of sails or use a thin slice of zucchini, folded, and held in place by a toothpick! Your guests will congratulate you on them, without a doubt.

Watermelon Baskets

Is there a fruit more summery than watermelons? Probably not, which makes them the perfect basket to place pieces of it and other fruits inside their empty shell. Think of pineapple and other types of melons to fill the baskets. Around the edge of the shell, plant little umbrellas to give it a beach touch. You can position the slices on a bed of ice or in little plastic containers, so that your guests can take them and walk around as they refresh themselves with fruits. Then, play “Watermelon Sugar High” by Harry Styles, ad, all the girls will be happy!

Go Mexican!

You can’t miss your summer party if you decide to add Mexican snacks to it. There are not many things to prepare that are easier than guacamole and pico de gallo. The first is based on avocados and the second on tomatoes, mixed with onions. You will need lots of nachos (chips) for people to eat the salsa with, but everybody will enjoy these two Mexican classics. All you need to do is place a few sombreros here and there to really add to the atmosphere, and the party is ready to go. Play some Latina music all night long and it will get hot, hot, hot!

Starfish and Other Summer-shaped Cookies (kids)

If your beach party is for kids, cookies are definitely the way to their heart. In fact, you should think of having the guests make their own cookies, once they have all arrived at your place. Prepare the dough the night before and install everyone around a table. Tell the kids to shape their cookies in various forms, representing summer. They can make a sun, a beach ball and a starfish, or anything else that they think of. It is a great activity that will keep them occupied while preparing their own snack for later on.



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