The Best Summer Wines

Summer calls for more refreshing wines. Some people like to drink them extremely cold, others closer to room temperature. In America, it is not unusual to even see wine glasses filled with ice cubes. But no matter what your choice will be, the wine grapes mentioned below, will bring you the best of time during the warm season, when shared with friends and family.

To enjoy on a beautiful Summer Evening

As they say on It’s always time to open a good bottle, “because life is better with wine.” But it is particularly true, on a beautiful summer evening, on the terrace, watching the sun go down. Take out the antipasti and pour a glass for everyone, then raise it in the name of beautiful, shared moments. If you choose one of the grapes below, the refreshing liquid you will raise to your lips, will taste even better!

For Red Wine Drinkers: Pinot Noir

Many wine drinkers stay away from Pinot Noir, finding them too light to accompany most meals. But that is the quality which makes them the perfect red wine to drink, before dinner, in summer time. There is no denying that they taste great. You can compare them to a Cabernet Sauvignon, only in a “light” version. Keep it a little less chilly than a white wine or a rosé, but don’t hesitate to place the bottle in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, before serving. Then, keep it chilled, if it is to remain outside with you.

For Delicate White Wine Lovers: Pinot Grigio

If you can find a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio: Bring it home. Although delicate, as it hits the palate, it is filled with flavours that will render the experience divine. They can vary greatly, depending on the brand, but the most common fragrance they leave on the palate are mango, pineapple and guava. Although you can serve Pinot Grigio before dinner, there is absolutely no reason, why you shouldn’t continue throughout the meal, if you are serving fish, seafoods or even chicken.

For those just looking for Freshness: Rosé

If you say: Rosé is not a grape; you are absolutely right. But it is impossible to write an article about summer wine without mentioning the rosé, which is normally a blend of various grapes. In a way, they might be easier to define than the rest of the wine, as they all tend to be crisp and light bodied. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules… Those who enjoy rosés drink them in any circumstances (before dinner, with any meal, and even after), but mostly during the warm days of summer.

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