How Harrods Started Out

There is no doubt that shopping is indeed one of the best things you can do when you get to travel to somewhere else. While New York has its own Macy’s and Bloomingdale, London also has its own Harrods. promo-code-crossword-3d-block-icon-76256937


The first Harrods was around since 1834 and it stood in the East End of London. Its founder is Charles Henry Harrod, a person who risked a lot to open his very first grocery wholesale store. The first merchandise which was sold there was tea, as it was his favorite product.Sell-Coupon-Codes-660x320

After a few years, he had then decided to movie his location and grabs the opportunity to display his products at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Because of it, he then moved and transferred his retail shop at Knightsbridge which is located near Hyde Park. His employees only started with two assistants and one messenger. Now, Harrods has become one of the largest retailing stores in the whole world, selling a variety of things.


And even though a lot of problems came his way, it still didn’t stop him from achieving greater plans for his business. Harrods is also known to be one of the first retail shops that offered Harrods promo code to its customers. Even the first moving staircase ever produced in England was sold at Harrods. It also is known to have had the very first escalators, which was just made up of woven pieces of leather conveyor belts that are matched with silver plates, wood, and glass balustrade.

Harrods really helped in kick starting malls and shopping centers, paving the way for more retail shops to spring up into existence. Now, there are more than 330 different department stores and 28 restaurants in the legendary Harrods building.