How To Use Internal Links To Enhance SEO?

This article explains the basics of internal linking and how it relates to a websites search engine optimization. It then explains how these basic principles can be exploited to enhance the search engine optimization of a website. What Is A Link And How It Is Structured?

A link is a piece of programming code that allows the user to click a point on one page and be taken to another page. The part that of the page you click is called an anchor. An anchor can be a page element or an image, but it is usually a written URL or a piece of text with an URL embedded in it. The anchor is therefore named after what it is, i.e. anchor element, anchor image, or anchor text. You can also try SEO services Singapore where they handle everything from internal links to building strong backlinks. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAh7AAAAJGY1Nzc4MjQ3LWU1ZGMtNDFkMi1iMGUyLWVjNzEzMjY4ZWUzNQ

When the anchor is clicked, the web browser will load the URL of the page that the anchor is linked to. This is called the landing page. The landing page can be any URL, but if it is one that is within its domain (on the same website), then it is an internal link. If the link leads to a landing page outside the domain (another site), then it is an external

Can Internal Links Be Strong Like Backlinks Can Be?

No, they cannot, but they do have a good and a bad side. If your internal links stay active (don’t break), then Google will continue to keep slowly pushing you up it search engine result. If a few of your internal links are broken, (maybe you deleted some pages), then your website is deemed as harder to navigate, and it will be harder to raise the search engine results.

How Should You Internally Link Your Articles?

Try to have at least three internal links on every page. On every page, you should give the user the opportunity to go back to the main pages. The main pages are your home page, sitemap page, contact us page, and any of your larger category pages. Another good trick is to add a “back” link so that people can return to the pages they were previously looking at.

Use a link-checking tool to search through all of your internal links and point out which ones are broken. This is a lot quicker than trying to check everyone manually. If you have broken links, you must repair them, change them or delete them. Do not leave them on your site.

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